Terms & Conditions

Owning Gold Is Not For Anyone. It's For Everyone

These Terms and Conditions, the information on the Agreement to Purchase and Gold Plan Deal Sheet are the framework of our relationship (‘our Agreement’).
Please read it carefully, because it sets out both your and our rights and duties and is binding.
Clause 4 is particularly important. It sets out the consequences of cancelling our Agreement. Note that if you cancel our Agreement you will be charged a cancellation fee.
If you have any questions, please contact our Gold for Life Head Office on 011 784 8787.

1. Product, price and payment 

1.1 The type of coins or medallions which you have ordered from us is indicated on the Gold Plan Deal Sheet.

1.2 The product does not include any formal financial or investment advice. You should contact a financial advisor for advice on investing in gold.

1.3 The price of the coins or medallions, your instalment amount, the start date and the amount of instalments are indicated on the Agreement to Purchase and Gold Plan Deal Sheet.

1.4 Payments are made via debit order. Arrear payments can be paid at one of our branches or via EFT. Please ensure that you use your ID or account number as a reference and that you send proof of payment to sales@gfl.co.za.

1.5 If the debit order is unpaid, we will impose a reasonable fee.

1.6 Cancelling the debit order is not the same as cancelling our agreement. That means that you will still owe the payments.

1.7 You must follow the payment instructions on the front of this document. Do not make any payments into the accounts of any of our brokers, consultants, agents or employees.

2. Delivery and ownership of the product which you ordered

2.1 Once you have paid all of the instalments you have the option to either collect or have the coins or medallions delivered at an additional fee.

2.2 You will have the additional option to conclude an agreement with us for the storage of the coins or medallions. You will have to complete a safe custody agreement with us which is subject to its own terms and costs. If you are interested please contact Gold for Life Head Office on 011 784 8787.

2.3 A request for the collection or delivery of the coins or medallions can take up to 45 business days from making the request.

2.4 For collection/delivery or safe custody enquires you can contact Gold for Life Head Office on 011 784 8787. Please note you must collect the coins or medallions in person and must provide proof of your identity.

2.5 If we do not receive instructions from you regarding the delivery or collection of the coins or medallions within 30 days from final payment we will charge a monthly fee for storage and administration. This amount must be paid before the coins or medallions will be released.

2.6 We will take all reasonable measures to ensure that the coins or medallions are safe while they are in our possession.

2.7 You will become the owner of the coins or medallions once you have paid all amounts owing to us.

3. Your information

3.1 You have given us your personal details, contact information, employment details and financial information. You undertake that all of this information is true and correct. This is important, because we rely on this information.

3.2 We use your information to administrate our Agreement and to ensure that you receive the product.

4. Cancelling this Agreement

4.1 If you fail to pay an instalment or any other amount within 30 days past the due date, we may cancel our Agreement.

4.2 Either of us can cancel our Agreement if there is a material (serious) breach of the Agreement and a failure to correct that breach within 20 business days from receiving a written demand to do so.

4.3 A breach will be material (or serious) if it affects a vital part or term of our Agreement.

4.4 When the Agreement is cancelled by either of us, due to a material (serious) breach, the innocent party will be entitled to damages and any other legal remedies.

4.5 If you breach our Agreement or cancel it, we are entitled to charge a cancellation fee.

4.6 The fee is calculated on a case by case basis, because it is dependent on the type of product you purchased, whether you received any promotional items, when you cancelled our Agreement and the costs which we have incurred in administrating our Agreement.

4.7 Note that if you cancel our Agreement in the early stages it is possible (depending on which product you have purchased) that the cancellation fee can exceed the amount which you have already paid. In these instances, you will not receive a refund.

5. Buying back your product

5.1 We are not under any obligation to buy the coins or medallions back from you. It is entirely our decision whether or not we will buy the coins or medallions from you.

5.2 Any buy back transaction will be subject to terms which will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

5.3 For enquires contact our Gold for Life Head Office on 011 784 8787.

6. Administration of this Agreement

6.1 This Agreement (which includes the information on the Terms and Conditions, Agreement to Purchase and the Gold Plan Deal Sheet) contains all the terms of our Agreement.

6.2 You should not rely on any information which has not been included in this Agreement. If we provide you with information which contradicts our Agreement, the Agreement overrides the other information.

6.3 This Agreement can only be changed in writing and if both you and us agree to the change.

6.4 Whenever we require writing, we also mean e-mail, but note that the person who e-mails you has to be authorised to contract on our behalf before it is binding.

6.5 Accepting late payments or a failure to cancel the Agreement if there has been breach or any other conduct will not be seen as a release (waiver) of the Agreement unless it is in writing and both you and us agree to the release. In other words, the Agreement cannot be amended through conduct.